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China in Flames? Chinese Riot Police Crack Down on Southern Chinese Town



Although most attention regarding China these days is focused on the current political drama taking place in Hong Kong, there’s reason to believe that mainland China is going through its own form of unrest.

The Guardian reported that riot police fired teargas and beat residents in the Southern Chinese province of Guangdong on Friday, November 29, 2019 after protesting against a local construction project.

Hundreds of Chinese citizens in Wenlou, a town in the Guangdong province located about 60 miles from Hong Kong, demonstrated against plans for a large crematorium in an area officials previously stated would only become an “ecological park”.

Residents recorded footage of riot police firing teargas, hurling rocks, and beating protestors. Videos showed people throwing firecrackers at the police and tipping over a car. One person was caught holding a sign that read “The people of Wenlou do not agree”.

One resident, who asked not be named, observed, “The whole town is protesting. The government has violently deployed people to suppress it. Now police are like crazy dogs, beating whoever they see. Where is the law? Where is morality?”

These kinds of protests against infrastructure projects such as incinerators, chemical plants or crematoriums are not rare in rural China. However, Wenlou demonstrations come during a time when authorities are worried about protests potentially spreading from neighboring Hong Kong to the rest of the Chinese mainland.

Although a significant portion of the mainland Chinese population opposes the Hong Kong protests, Guangdong is an area that is susceptible to unrest given its proximity to the Guangdong province and given how a lot of people in that province have close ties to Hong Kong.

Wenlou residents share similar grievances with Hong Kong demonstrators, which include anger over perceived police brutality and a growing sense of distrust with their political leadership.

Another resident from Wenlou said “If not pushed to a dead end, who would choose to hit their heads against a rock.”

She claimed that police barricaded all the roads and she wasn’t able to share videos of the incident.

The mask is now off in China.

Recent events in Hong Kong and the Guangdong province show that there is growing discontent with the Chinese Communist Party’s leadership.

The question now is if China will revert back to its Maoist authoritarian days.

Under President Xi Jinping, China has taken a sharp authoritarian turn that has many in the West worried about its geopolitical intentions.

Because it is a nuclear power, the U.S. will have to use tough diplomacy and intelligently channel soft power to contain China’s influence worldwide.



The town (文楼镇) protesting in Guangdong looks like this. It’s tiny. There couldn’t be more than 10k people there. Yet they’re tipping over police cars, fighting police with fireworks & forcing armoured vehicles to retreat. No wonder the CCP is afraid of large-scale protests.

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Merrick Garland Suggests that Getting Rid of Lawsuit Protections is Not a Second Amendment Violation

Garland as AG will be a disaster for the right to bear arms.



If Merrick Garland is nominated as Attorney General, the Second Amendment is in big trouble.

Based on his comments at a Senate hearing on February 22, 2021, Garland made a suggestion that the repeal of lawsuit protections for gun manufacturers is not unconstitutional. 

AWR Hawkins of Breitbart News reminded his readers that President Joe Biden campaigned on a platform of repealing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), which shielded lawful gun manufacturers from lawsuits.

In a previous Breitbart News report, Biden spoke at an MSNBC forum in 2019 alongside gun control organizations such as March for Our Lives where he expressed his support for gun manufacturers to be subject to lawsuits.

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At the speech, Biden suggested that the PLCC be repealed. He declared, “No other outfit in history has gotten this kind of protection” and asserted that the legal actions would bring about “change overnight.”

In a subsequent occasion on February 7, 2020, Breitbart News covered Biden’s remarks to a New Hampshire crowd, in which he stated that it was a “mistake” to shield firearms manufacturers from lawsuits. He continued, “The first thing I’m going to do as president is work to get rid of that.” 

Later that month, Breitbart News recalled how Biden called out gun manufacturers at a South Carolina rally and boasted, “I’m going to take you down.”

According to a report by The Salt Lake Tribune, Utah Senator Mike Lee asked Garland about his views on removing protections for gun manufacturers. Garland responded, “I have not thought myself deeply about this. I don’t think it raises a Second Amendment issue.”

When he was questioned if he is in favor of Biden’s plans to ban so-called “assault weapons”, Garland responded, “Where there is room under the law for the president’s policies to be pursued, then I think the president is entitled to pursue them.”

Biden’s track record as a gun control proponent is well-documented. From his support of gun-free zones at schools to the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban, Biden is Gun Control Inc.’s guy. With Democrats in control of the House and the Senate, there will most certainly be attempts to ram gun control down our throats. If they can’t beat us legislatively, they will most certainly use the courts to undermine the Second Amendment. Pro-gun organizations should be ready to lawyer up and use whatever means possible to keep courts from destroying our rights.

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