HOT TAKE: China is an Enemy


On August 16th a Tuesday morning at 5:57am local time North Korea fired a Hwasong-12 ballistic missile, from an area less then 20 miles outside of Pyongyang. The missile traveled 1,600 miles over the northern end of Hokkaido Japan. Japanese officials reported the projectile had broke into three pieces before hitting the ocean at 6:29am local time. Prime Minister Abe of Japan said they will be collecting and investing any parts they are able to recover from the ocean. How long will Japan and South Korea have to live with the threat of nuclear armed ballistic missiles from the hermit kingdom? When will we act on China’s inaction to hold up their end of the deal with North Korea in this national security issue? It is time that we call China what they really are. An enemy.

This has now reached the point where the threat of a nuclear North Korea is not only a danger to those surrounding them but the United States directly. The threat to Guam from NoKo should have been enough to set some serious steps in motion against China. China clearly stated that if we were to move on North Korea with any type of military force then China would come to North Korea’s defense, and that speaks volumes. That message was heard loud and clear by the world. In their own right China has been very aggressive in buying up natural resources in our hemisphere, and illegally settling in the south and east China Sea constructing islands. Building bases and runways is a tremendous show of strength by their armed forces. There is more then one way we can expose China’s vulnerabilities. Taking action is necessary.

The taxing and all other window dressing we tried hasn’t worked. More serious tactics can be used to expose how their economy is built on a house of cards which is debt and heavily relies on the success of our economy. China does not float their currency in the market and as President Trump proclaimed in his presidential campaign, the Chinese are “major currency manipulators.” To show China and North Korea that we mean business, we need to help Japan and South Korea arm themselves with nuclear warheads. South Korea had 100 nuclear war heads but in a deal former President Clinton made with NoKo, South Korea agreed to denuclearize. Obviously that deal has been more then broken since then and now the North Korean threat is at an all time high. It is time to arm our allies. We have bigger problems then we thought.

The video below is courtesy of Sky News. It shows live video recorded when a warning message was coming into the city of Hokkaido Japan. The message telling citizens to take cover before the Hwasong-12 ballistic missile would be flying through the sky over them. Prime Minister Abe of Japan addresses the media and calls for an emergency meeting of the UN security council.

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