China Plans on Expanding Trade and Economic Ties with Russia

Premier of the State Council of China Li Qiang declared in an address to participants of the Russian-Chinese Business Forum in Shanghai that China is prepared to broaden its trade and economic connections with Russia. 

“Amid today’s global economic recovery we are facing numerous challenges, as uncertainty and instability are mounting. China is committed to high-quality development and top-level openness. We are ready to strengthen our mutually beneficial cooperation with all countries, including Russia. The Chinese side is ready to continue expanding trade and economic ties, as well as boost interaction in terms of quantity and quality,” per the address that Vice Premier of the State Council He Lifeng read at the forum’s opening.

Qiang noted that positive dynamics are already being witnessed in the two countries’ cooperation efforts. Mutual trade increased by nearly one third in 2022, and by an additional 41.3% in the first four months of 2023, he continued. “China has been Russia’s biggest trade partner for 13 consecutive years, with the scale of mutual investment surging,” the Premier of the State Council proclaimed.

Russia and China ties will continue to strengthen as the US and its satrapies across the Collective West begin antagonizing both of these Eurasian giants. Naturally, these two actors will pact with one another to build a balancing coalition against the Collective West. That’s how things are transpiring in the multipolar order. 

Let’s pray that western policymakers adjust to these new changes and pursue a foreign policy of realism and restraint.

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