China Views Dialogue with the United States as Pointless As Sanctions Grow Stronger

On May 22, 2023,  Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning said during a briefing that Chinese authorities have no real desire to maintain dialogue with the United States. The lack of willingness to maintain talks with the US will stay in effect as long as the US pursues unreasonably hostile foreign policy and continues to ramp up sanctions on China. 

“Where is the sincerity and sense of dialogue, when the US side talks about the need to maintain contacts only to use them as a means to put pressure on China and hamstring our country,” she inquired.

China keeps “necessary contact” with Washington, the diplomat detailed. “The United States applies sanctions against individuals and organizations of the PRC,” Mao Ning stressed. “China is strongly against such unilateral restrictions, which are unlawful. We have strictly set forth Beijing’s stance on this issue to the American side,” she continued.

Mao Ning called on American authorities to “immediately lift sanctions” that have been imposed on China. “It is necessary to create a [favorable] atmosphere, favorable conditions for dialogue and contact,” she detailed .

Americans should be skeptical of China for the way it weaponizes mass migration and exploits trade deals at the US’s expense. These matters could be sorted out in a rational manner through immigration restriction and economic decoupling. 

However, trying to sanction China and even use military confrontation against it is just asking for trouble. America First nationalism, which stresses strong borders, a restrained foreign policy, and economic nationalism is the safest route to pursue when dealing with nuclear powers such as China. This is the best way for the US to maintain socio-economic harmony at home while maintaining peace abroad. 


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