China Wants Perpetrators of Nord Stream Attack “Brought to Justice”

During a media briefing on March 28, 2023, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning announced that the perpetrators of the Nord Stream pipeline attacks of September 2022 must be brought to justice. 

In addition, the diplomat asserted that the US was “keen to carry out so-called ‘investigations’ of developing nations, yet is secretive on this incident.”

Mao declared the US attitude was an example of “obvious double standards,” and suggested that officials in the US national security state were “afraid of” something.

Geng Shuang, China’s deputy representative to the UN, made the case that there was no obstacle to conducting an international investigation in conjunction with national ones.

A Russian-backed resolution for an international investigation did not was not successfully passed at the UN Security Council toward the end of March. China, Russia, and Brazil supported the draft resolution for an international Nord Stream investigation in a UN Security Council vote on March 28, although 12 other members abstained from voting.

If the resolution had been adopted, the resolution would have called on the secretary general to set up a commission to carry out a “comprehensive, transparent, and impartial international investigation” of the incident.

Russia says it is “extremely concerned” about recent damage sustained by the two Nord Stream gas pipelines connecting Russia and Europe in the Baltic Sea.

The likelihood of this investigation ever happening is close to zero. The US national security state and its satrapies in NATO are truly nefarious entities. The irony here is that the US effectively committed an act of war against a NATO member (Germany) by attacking the Nord Stream pipelines. 

As long as neoliberal/neoconservative fanatics control US foreign policy, more attacks of this nature will pop off. And that could lead to a direct confrontation between NATO and Russia — a clash that the whole world should avoid at all costs.

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