China’s Foreign Ministry Calls On the United States to Change Its Position on the Russo-Ukrainian War

On February 20, 2023, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin declared that Chinese authorities don’t accept the United States’ criticism of China’s relations with Russia. In addition, Wang said that Chinese authorities urge the US to recalibrate its approach to the Russo-Ukrainian conflict and change its current position with regards to the conflict. 

“We have never considered as appropriate the United States’ critical statements regarding Sino-Russian relations. Washington even puts pressure on us. We do not accept this,” Wang said during a news briefing, remarking on US statements about China’s potential military aid to Russia. “We insist that the United States should give due thought to its actions and take real steps towards reconciliation and advancing peace talks [on the Ukraine issue].”

China has been rumored to extend military aid to Russia in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, which would not be surprising due to the two country’s strengthening of relations over the past decade. One of the biggest strategic follies the US national security state has carried out is its universalist foreign policy strategy of alienating both China and the US, thereby pushing them together to form a de facto alliance against the Collective West. 

The law of unintended consequences, but at a geopolitical level. Undoubtedly, the US must reconsider its entire foreign with regards to Eurasia — a region of little importance to it. With so many domestic problems and a collapsing border, the last thing the busybodies in DC need to be doing is poking Eurasian nuclear powers.

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