China’s “Zero Covid Strategy” Is Nightmarish

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China Zero Covid Strategy-

Clips from China are circulating the internet, showing what appears to be a “dystopian nightmare” as the country attempts to make good on its “zero Covid strategy.”

Just look at what children going to school looks like in Shanghai, China.

The scariest part about videos like the above, is that the media is seemingly refusing to talk about them.

Other than Tucker Carlson, who has avidly denounced China’s “zero Covid strategy” as inhumane, the general response has been crickets.

Or, even worse, Western leaders have even been caught on tape praising the CCP for its efforts towards combating the virus. With talking heads like Dr. Anthony Fauci and recently Trump endorsed Senate candidate Dr. Oz defending the lockdowns.

China Zero Covid Strategy-

As Fauci has admitted, the lockdowns are a way to get more people vaccinated.

He said: “You use lockdowns to get people vaccinated so that when you open up, you won’t have a surge of infections, because you are dealing with an immunologically naïve population, to the virus, because they’ve not really been exposed because of the lockdown.”

Of course, critics of China, not to mention lockdowns in general, have speculated that this attempt of eradicating Covid entirely is a never ending loop. One that only leads to the state seizing more power and control over its population.

China Zero Covid Strategy-

If you remember, media pundits also spoke highly of Australia and its heavily enforced lockdown procedures, where people were fined for going outside and even exercising in public.

Now, we’re seeing reports that the lockdown may have been for naught, as the state is reporting a resurgence in cases. So my questions are simple: What is the point of all this? And why are countries re-imposing lockdowns when they clearly didn’t work the way they were “intended” in the first place?

It seems like China’s “zero Covid strategy” might be more of the same. A way to increase state power at the expense of individual freedoms and liberties. And, if history is any indication, it won’t end well.

Videos like the ones above are only going to increase – it’s inevitable.

There have also been viral clips circulating the internet of Chinese citizens on their knees as government workers check their digital Covid passports. Then testing them for the virus before allowing them to go anywhere or do anything.

Adding insult to injury, the Chinese government can also change the “status” of these passports, ultimately being the sole decider of who is free and who is destined for deportation to a quarantine camp where normal qualities of life are essentially non existent.

Oh, and if a dog owner tests positive for Covid, there have been reports of the CCP simply killing the dogs to avoid “spreading the virus even more.” Truly tragic.

So again I ask, why is nobody denouncing this? Let alone talking about this?

Things are only going to get worse in China as achieving its “zero Covid strategy” is virtually impossible.

But none of this is really about Covid anyways.


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China Zero Covid Strategy-

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