Chinese Diplomat Claims NATO is Expanding Eastward 

As if causing chaos in Ukraine wasn’t enough, the United State’s pivot to Asia is likely laying the groundwork for the next major security crisis on the international stage. 

Following Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan last week, there has been rampant speculation about China and the US potentially locking horns.

Chinese Ambassador to Russia Zhang Hanhui had strong words about the US’s growing encroachments within China’s traditional sphere of influence. 

“The US is trying to use the same tactics against China to create a crisis in the Taiwan Strait in order to prevent the development and rise of China, to interfere in its domestic affairs, to transfer China’s domestic affairs to the international level, to exhaust and contain it through war and sanctions,” Zhang Hanhui said in an interview with Russian state outlet TASS.

Zhang believes that the US’s actions against Taiwan show that the Collective West is using the “NATO Expansion to the East” model in the Indo-Pacific region. 

“This [The US’s provocative actions around Taiwan] cannot be regarded as anything else but the Asia-Pacific version of ‘NATO Expansion to the East’,” Zhang emphasized.

Indeed, the US national security state is committed to a policy of dual containment against both China and Russia. Russia was first singled out due to its perceived weakness following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. However, Russia has proven more resilient than expected as seen during the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, where Russia continues to make gains in Ukraine despite the massive sanctions levied against it. 

Now, the US wants to bring the same NATO expansion model with its QUAD and AUKUS alliance structures. In addition, the US appears to be abandoning its policy of strategic ambiguity with Taiwan and is now paving the way for Taiwan to declare independence — a move that will likely provoke a military response from China. While there are valid criticisms of China for its questionable trade practices and its use of Chinese nationals to commit espionage in academic and corporate settings in the US, it’s not in the American interest to get into a great power conflict with it.

An America First policy towards China is one that focuses on immigration restriction and trade decoupling but eschews military adventurism.


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