Chinese Nationalists Unite to Crush Left-Wing Feminist Rebellion on Social Media

While China is often demonized for their economic subterfuge of the West and the effects of their COVID-19 virus upon the world, the Chinese people do deserve some credit for refusing to succumb to certain modern forms of leftist degeneracy. 

The West is pushing feminism in China to undermine their national unity and spirit, and unlike the United States, China is collectivizing to prevent this mind virus from poisoning their women. The fake news is not happy about these developments.

Liang Xiaowen complained to CNN that the proud people of China were not accepting her victim spiel with any empathy or tolerance. She was confronted by many concerned citizens who rejected her propaganda before she was ultimately booted from the Chinese social media provider Weibo.

“At first, I could not believe it,” she said. “The slander against me continued online, but I can’t even defend myself anymore.”

Liang is a 29-year-old feminist attorney living in New York who is agitating to push left-wing doctrines in China. Social justice dogma has ravaged the West, and China does not want to repeat their mistakes.

“(We) were collectively silenced by an internet-wide crackdown that hit like a tsunami. The online public sphere that we have overcome all difficulties to build was relentlessly smothered,” Liang said, speaking on behalf of 20 feminist activists and organizations that have been wiped from Weibo.

Weibo has stated that Liang’s posts were removed because of “illegal and harmful information.” They also urged for its platform not to be used to “incite antagonism between groups or promote boycott culture” or to “organize or incite other users to attack state and Party organs and public enterprises and institutions.”

While Chinese social media platforms work to support the public good for members of their society, American social media platforms work to debauch society at breakneck speed.

Big League Politics has reported on how U.S.-based tech platforms regularly allow for pedophiles to network and for child porn to be spread without doing much of anything to stop it:

Experts are warning that pedophiles are using cheese and pizza emojis to trade child pornography over social media.

PDProtect, a London-based group, is warning that pedophiles are taking and sharing images of children that are uploaded by their own parents and sharing them with other creeps.

“I couldn’t just scroll past it as at the end of the day these are people’s children,” said India, the 27-year-old mother who founded the project, to The Telegraph.

“There are pictures of little boys aged five or six on the beach in their swimming trunks and chances are that picture was taken by their parents on their holiday. Somehow that picture has gotten into their hands,” she added.

PDProject has announced that their activism has resulted in the removal of 2,000 problematic accounts that exploit children from Instagram. India has said that pedophiles use the cheese and pizza emojis to signify CP, which stands for child pornography.

John Carr OBE, who formerly worked for Britain’s Council for Internet Safety, is calling for this “horrifying” practice to be stopped by social media companies immediately.

“It is understandable that parents want to share pictures of their children with friends and relatives, but if their social media accounts are not private these photos can be seen — and taken — by anyone,” Carr said.

“This is about parents not thinking because they are not aware that these bad guys are out there doing this,” he added.

However, social media companies are known to deliberately harbor pedophiles on their platforms and allow them to discuss the finer points of raping children, as Big League Politics has reported.”

China is gaining rapidly on the U.S. because their people will unite to defeat enemies looking to undermine and subvert their culture. Perhaps Americans should take some notes!

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