Chinese Security Expert Claims NATO Will Cut Military Aid to Ukraine During This Winter 

Lu Xiang, a Chinese expert on American studies and a research fellow at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, recently declared that European member nations of NATO will significantly cut military aid to Ukraine.

“It is believed that NATO officials, [Secretary-General Jens] Stoltenberg in particular, will soon encounter mounting piles of pressure. Even though he urged European countries to continue to provide supplies to Ukraine, judging from the actual situation of European countries, if they continue, it will be an unbearable burden for themselves. Such assistance is certainly not sustainable,” Lu told Chinese state media outlet The Global Times.

“Not only Ukraine, but also Europe will be facing a very difficult and challenging winter. Leaders of European countries do not want to see these problems persist as it will hold them back in gaining more support in elections. As a result, NATO’s sharp drop in aiding Ukraine is a likely scenario, with supplies keeping only at a symbolic level,” the Chinese pundit asserted.

“Subsequently, NATO or European countries may start negotiations with Russia, in a bid to appease the crisis and make the people of Ukraine and Europe return to a relatively normal life,” Lu assed.

NATO’s Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, recently revealed in an interview with German newspaper Welt am Sontag, the Collective West was incurring major costs in supporting Ukraine during this conflict. Though Stoltenberg stressed that he is still advocating for “maintaining and increasing” aid to Ukraine.

According to a New York Times report released at the end of November, two-thirds of NATO member nations had already exhausted their weapons stockpiles. Per NATO sources, the reserves of 20 of the 30 NATO countries were approaching zero, but the remaining 10 members of the alliance, which includes France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, have been able to replenish their weapons stockpiles. In sum, NATO countries have supplied Ukraine with $40 billion worth of military equipment, which is roughly the same as France’s annual military budget.

Indeed, Europe is going to be facing harsh economic realities as it has to cope with rising energy costs and dilapidated energy infrastructure. The combination of misguided energy sanctions imposed on Russia and pro-green policies have left Europe economically vulnerable on energy matters. 

Europe is the home of hard-nosed diplomacy as well, which makes its decision to join the Anglo-American crusade against Russia all the more strange. In many respects Europe should maintain an arms-length relationship with Russia, but at the same time, not try to openly antagonize it. 

Unfortunately, it’s become clear that European leaders are unwittingly sacrificing their countries in order to please their American overlords by prosecuting this proxy war against Russia. As a result, Europe will grow poorer and more dependent on the US. Those are the costs of getting in bed with the Globalist American Empire. 

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