Chip Roy Blasts Latest Round of Spending on Ukraine 

Even after Washington, DC approved a $40 billion aid package to Ukraine to help it in its war with Russia, the handouts continue pouring in. 

According to a report by POLITICO, Ukraine is set to receive an additional $1.7 billion aid from the United States and the World Bank to pay health care workers’ salaries and provision additional essential services.

This latest injection of aid is being provided by the US Agency for International Development, the Treasury Department, and the World Bank. 

In addition to addressing healthcare related questions, this aid has the goal of addressing Ukraine’s budgetary issues brought by Russia’s invasion. 

POLITICO reported that USAID has provided $4 billion in budgetary aid to Ukraine.

In a tweet that he posted on July 12, 2022, Texas Congressman Chip Roy expressed his displeasure with this latest batch of aid being sent to Ukraine. 


Roy tweeted, “BREAKING: Ukraine in lead over Puerto Rico & DC for 51st state…”

Roy, along with his fellow congressional colleagues Paul Gosar (R-AZ), Andy Biggs (R-AZ), and Thomas Massie (R-KY), has been a consistent opponent of sanctions against Russia and military aid to Ukraine. 

The Texas Congressman is part of the slowly growing America First wing of the Republican Party that’s challenging the neoconservative/neoliberal interventionist consensus on foreign policy. America First populists are going to need more representatives like Roy to step up to the plate and challenge the status quo. 

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