Chip Roy Reveals that Mexican Cartels are Expanding into the US

Texas Congressman Chip Roy claims that Mexican drug cartels such as the Gulf Cartel and the Cartel Del Noreste faction of Los Zetas are operating inside the United States. 

According to Ildefonso Ortiz and Gerald Tony Aranda of Breitbart News, Congressman Roy made several visits to the Texas border while the country is experiencing a crisis there at the moment. The current crisis is largely due to the Biden administration’s lax immigration policies, which reversed many of the Trump administration’s sensible measures to keep immigration flows in check. 

Congressman Roy made his statements after Breitbart Texas exclusively interviewed him as he traveled to the Texas border. Roy visited several border flashpoints such as Carrizo Springs, Eagle Pass, Laredo, and McAllen. Roy observed that Mexican cartels have de facto control of the border due to Mexican government’s inability to stem cartel activity. This is a microcosm of Mexico’s current institutional chaos, in which it can barely provide public order and crack down on cartels.

“That’s something that the American people don’t fully understand,” Roy declared. “The Mexican government–they can’t have their force mean anything in that area. The cartels have control there.”

Moreover, Roy argued that cartel power extends beyond the border. He believes that US agencies in key areas such as San Antonio have largely ignored cartel activity stateside.  

For example, the Reynosa faction of the Gulf Cartel is active in the Rio Grande Valley and has thrived largely due to the lax border enforcement. Similarly, the CDN-Los Zetas are having a field day in Laredo thanks to the Biden administration’s negligent policies at the border. 

“They are the ones making a lot of money moving human beings for profit,” he observed.

While visiting these border towns, Roy saw multiple groups of migrants. A number of these migrants were fleeing authorities from cities such as Laredo. In the Rio Grande Valley, Roy noted that migrants got lost in the brush following their passage across the river, largely because they could not find border ants. 

“The word has gotten out that Border Patrol is now distracted,” Roy declared, pointing out that agents from other sectors have been transferred to the Rio Grande Valley, but for the purpose of working in detention and processing facilities as opposed to guarding the border. “What does that mean? You don’t have patrols going out and stopping the flow between the ports of entry. So now we have fentanyl up, pounds of marijuana up, human smuggling between ports of entry up, and that is kind of where your bad guys are generally coming. This is the state of our border.”

The current border crisis was all too predictable. The Democrats are fully committed to opening the floodgates to the entire world to create a new voting base. But such activity will come at a massive cost, as criminal organizations in Mexico and abroad will exploit the situation to set up operations in the US and destabilize the country. Thankfully, there are elected officials in Chip Roy who understand this problem and are willing to raise awareness about the current border crisis.

In a saner political climate, the border issue would be receiving greater coverage and would have politicians working tirelessly to build a solution to secure it.

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