Chris Christie Says More Gun Control Won’t Stop Mass Shootings

On June 12, 2023,  Republican presidential contender Chris Christie argued that additional gun control measures won’t prevent mass shootings.  

During a CNN town hall, Christie received questions about gun violence by Nevada resident Joe Robbins, whose son was slain in the 2017 Las Vegas massacre. Christie responded by arguing that the issue is complex and will be difficult to solve. However, he also proclaimed that he is not looking to enact new federal gun restrictions should he win the presidency.

“I don’t think with 350 million or so guns out there that tighter gun control is going to keep the gun out of the hands of someone who’s going to do what happened in Las Vegas or what happened in Uvalde or what happened in Sandy Hook,” Christie remarked.

Christie did not provide any specific details about what policies he would pursue. Nevertheless, he stated that law enforcement bodies must be “more sensitive” to their communities and take more proactive measures to identify people dealing with mental health issues. 

Christie emphasized that mental health should be tackled even harder as a response to mass shootings. The former New Jersey Governor has a spotty record on gun issues, with him previously supporting an assault weapons ban. However, he has apparently changed his view on the issue. 

Christie has no chance of winning in the 2024 presidential election cycle. Nevertheless, the changes in his views demonstrates that even spotty Republicans can no longer afford to take wishy-washy positions on the Second Amendment. Now, they’re at least recognizing the futility of gun control. 

The next step is for them to start proposing measures to roll back gun control laws on the book.

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