Chris Cuomo SLAMS Dems Jan 6 Committee In Blatant Attempt To Rebrand Tarnished Image

Ex-CNN Host Chris Cuomo sounds like he is trying to redeem himself as a fair, unbiased journalist.

He recently landed a new primetime gig with NewsNation. And has already begun distancing himself from the routinely criticized hardcore leftist role he played at CNN.

“I think we need insurgent media, Cuomo said during an interview with anchor Dan Abrams. “I think we need outlets that aren’t fringe and just trying to fill their pockets.”

Now, the controversial host is trying to buy back support by slamming the Democrat’s House select committee show trial of January 6th. Suggesting that the riot was nothing more than a “gotcha game.”

“I think around the planning and the practical aspects of what happened on January 6th, I don’t see that there’s criminality there, at least in what’s been offered,” Cuomo said on his new podcast.

“My question is, are we really learning enough about what matters or is this starting to play like a gotcha game? Like the impeachment,” he continued.

“Again, not that the issues that were involved in impeachment don’t matter, but you knew you were never gonna have the outcome,” he added, “The argument was ‘Well, but this is what we have to do. This is our job.’ I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know that that kind of fermenting of tension, that kind of protracted process, when you know you weren’t gonna remove the president, was that really in America’s interest, certainly debatable, certainly debatable.”

Cuomo suggested that January 6th could play out to be a massive nothing burger like the alleged Trump-Russian collusion. Which would ultimately hurt Democrats again.

“The outcome was never going to be what was desired,” he said. “There’s no question, as with the Mueller probe, Trump and his cronies were doing bad things. Things they know they should not have been doing. And arguably that makes them lousy leaders.”

“But getting Trump for treason, why even go there? They go there because it fuels the fringe aspects of the party,” he continued. “Collusion with Russian operatives. Yes. Collusion is behavior. It’s not a crime. The crime is conspiracy and it’s a distinction with a difference and they were nowhere near it. And it wasn’t ever gonna be prosecuted.”

As briefly mentioned, viewers should be wary of Cuomo and his comments as he is clearly working hard to regain his credibility.

The host was booted from CNN over his alleged role in trying to help his brother, then-New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo, navigate a sexual misconduct scandal. And has since filed a $125 million lawsuit against the network demanding $15 million in lost salary and $110 million in further damages.

Now he is trying to wedge his way back into the spotlight, hoping to garner more support from both sides of the aisle under his new brand.

Regardless of how this whole Chris Cuomo sage plays out, there was one questionable statement by the former CNN primetime host in his talks with anchor Dan Abrams about his change of heart.

“Don’t listen to anybody else, only listen to me,” Cuomo said following warnings to American viewers who overtrust what people in the media tell them. A stark hypocritical statement that goes against the whole argument entirely.

“You can’t expect the men and women in the media to not play a game that everybody else is playing,” Cuomo said last week in an interview with Bill Maher.

“You are watching because the game, you are allowing yourself to be put on teams or in tribes or any way you want to designate it,” Cuomo added. “But they’re supposed to somehow break away from that when it’s what you want? When it’s what resonates with you? No.”

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