Chris McDaniel: ‘Mitch McConnell Has Failed This Country’

Republican Senate candidate Chris McDaniel rocked the American Legion in Tupelo, Mississippi Friday night.

McDaniel, the state senator, is running against incumbent Roger Wicker in this year’s Republican U.S. Senate primary. McDaniel noted the massive amount of money that Wicker and his allies have dropped in recent days to slam him.

“He’s already spent $1.2 million in negative advertising. He’s called me everything except Baptist,” McDaniel said to laughter. “They had a commercial showing me standing in the swamp. It looks like my six-year old made it on his computer.”

McDaniel scored his biggest applause breaks when he first criticized Wicker, and when he vowed his support for the traditional Mississippi state flag.

In recent days, Thad Cochran also announced he was stepping down from the Senate, opening up both of Mississippi’s Senate seats, and the Washington-based Club For Growth decided to hold off on its expected endorsement of McDaniel. Is the Republican Establishment trying to lure McDaniel out of the Wicker race and get him to run in the election for Cochran’s seat in November? In his American Legion speech, McDaniel showed no signs of backing off Wicker.

“Mitch McConnell is failing this country,” McDaniel said, calling this election “a referendum on term limits” and slamming Roger Wicker for fighting President Trump’s push to get the 60-vote filibuster threshold down to 51 votes so that he can actually pass more bills through the Senate.

“The establishment will say anything, do anything to keep you under their control,” McDaniel said. “But their power is slipping. They can’t afford to lose in Mississippi. They’re scared. And how do animals act when they’re scared? The dirty tricks are coming. The lies are coming. It’s up to you to stand up to it. Just keep this in mind. The more they yell, the more they slander, the more you’re over the target. They don’t want you to wake up again. You already did that in 2016. These same men and women who did everything to slander President Donald Trump…they now claim they are on your side.”

“No more retreat. No more compromise. We have nothing left to compromise.”

“If Washington is broke, it’s because men like Roger Wicker have failed to stand for you in your time of need,” McDaniel said, accusing Wicker of being weak on illegal immigration. McDaniel pledged to always oppose DACA.

“Not a single dime for a border wall but hundreds of millions for Planned Parenthood. Who voted for every one of those budgets? Roger Wicker.”

McDaniel said that Wicker is probably a kind person, but it’s time to “have kind people who will fight for you.”

“I’m not going there to beg Mitch McConnell for anything. I’m going there to fight. I’m not going there to beg for scraps off his table. Right now you have a senator who is Mitch McConnell’s lapdog. I’m going to be a Mississippi bulldog.”

“They have done enough damage. Career politicians and lobbyists. They have done enough damage,” McDaniel said.

“My own party left it,” McDaniel said of American values. “The party I’ve been part of since I was 13 years old. They talk the talk, but they rarely walk the walk.”

“When Donald Trump told us he was going to drain the swamp, I took him seriously. So when I’m elected, I’m going there to drain the swamp.”

“I’m tired of being dead last in this state. I’m tired of begging for crumbs in Washington…Conservatives in Washington. Can you imagine if there were just a small handful more? Can you imagine what Mitch McConnell will do to keep us out?”

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