Christians Are Most Persecuted Faith in the World, Democrats Help Keep It That Way

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While Democrats like to whine constantly about the alleged victimhood of the various special interest groups under their banner, they simultaneously add to the persecution the world’s most victimized group: Christians.

According to a Pew Research study released last week, Christians are the world’s most harassed group for their faith. They are harassed in an astounding 144 countries, although this inconvenient truth is usually glossed over by the fake news media.

The most recent data comes from 2016, and it shows that Christians were persecuted in 18 more nations than in 2015. Muslims received harassment in 142 countries, as Pew ranks Islam as the second most persecuted religious faith.

“Christians and Muslims have typically been harassed in the largest number of countries around the world,” the report says.

“These two groups are the largest religious groups in the world, and have substantial populations in more countries than other smaller and less geographically dispersed religious groups,” the report explains, also mentioning a “jump in the number of countries where Jews were harassed in 2016, following a small decrease in 2015.”

The criteria for harassment is defined in the report as follows: “Harassment of members of religious groups takes many forms, including physical assaults, arrests and detentions, desecration of holy sites, and discrimination against religious groups in employment, education and housing.”

The globalized world is becoming more hostile to religious faith in general, as the report showed that 28 percent of nations examined in the study demonstrated “high” or “very high” state restrictions against free religious expression in 2016.

“In many countries, restrictions on religion resulted from actions taken by government officials, social groups or individuals espousing nationalist positions,” the report explains.

In the United States, the Democrats are openly hostile to Jesus as they strive toward their goal of erasing America’s Christian heritage completely.

The leftist onslaught against Christianity includes glorifying the sexualization and exploitation of innocent children.

It also includes flooding the country with dangerous third-world refugees whose values are completely alien to Christianity.

Liberals are also abusing the law in an attempt to force Christians to participate in customs that are blasphemous to their religion.

Because of the tireless bigotry of the Democrats, the United States very well may be one of the nations considered hostile toward Christianity in a future Pew poll.

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