Christie Chews Out The President, Takes Petty Jab At Trump’s Age

Governor Chris Christie, Facebook
Governor Chris Christie, Facebook

Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie is lashing out at President Donald Trump, garnering mainstream media attention for himself as the press scrambles to throw shade on President Trump’s winning streak.

“And I wonder, and I want to ask everybody who is out in the audience today, if they have a 72-year-old relative whose behavior they’re attempting to change,” Christie said on a Sunday show, disrespectfully referring to our president, who works harder than anybody in Washington, especially the pundits in air-conditioned studios who do literally nothing to help our country. “No. Hold on. Whose behavior they’re attempting to change. When people get older…”

Christie’s jab at the president’s age is especially out of line considering the fact that President Trump is in much better physical shape than Christie, the failed presidential candidate whose political career went nowhere.

Christie, who epically blundered his short-lived gig as Trump’s transition chief due to his laziness and incompetence, did not become White House chief of staff. The job went to conservative Mick Mulvaney, whose tenure has so far yielded major accomplishments including the signing of the Farm Bill and the prison reform bill. The Trump White House also galvanized supporters by shutting down the government to get Border Wall funding, and by showing General Mattis the door at DOD and pulling our brave men and women out of harm’s way in Syria.

But Christie apparently doesn’t think those are good things, and he said Trump had a bad week. Christie has joined the ranks of Trump-World people who now go on phony panel shows to criticize the president using whatever “insider” credibility they can leverage to keep themselves relevant in the world of TV smoke and mirrors.

Here is Christie’s disgusting appearance on ABC’s “This Week.”

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