CIA is Attempting To Recruit Russians Fed Up With Russia’s War 

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is looking to recruit Russians who oppose Russia’s special military operation according to a report by The Wall Street Journal. 

This move is one of the latest efforts by the US Deep State to undermine Russia, this time from within in order to kick off a Color Revolution and other forms of unrest inside of Russia.   

During a speech at George Mason University’s Hayden Center, the CIA’s deputy director of intelligence David Marlowe, gave a speech where he revealed that the CIA is “looking around the world” for Russians who are discontented with the invasion of Ukraine. According to Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge, this was “Marlowe’s first public appearance while at post as deputy director.”  

The CIA’s attempt to recruit disillusioned Russians features military officers and oligarchs who have an ax to grind with the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

With regards to Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, Marlowe declared, “Putin was at his best moment the day before he invaded.” Marlowe declared that Putin “squandered every single bit of that” when it came to pressuring Ukraine and NATO prior to the invasion. 

Marlowe gave the speech last week, but the reports of the event first came out on November 22, 2022. Several publications described Marlowe’s speech as a “recruitment pitch.” 

“And so, for the director of operations, we’re looking around the world for Russians who are as disgusted with that as we are because we’re open for business,” Marlowe stated.

All in all, the US Deep State has it in for Russia. It’s using every tool at its disposal to effect regime change and destabilize the country. 

Level-headed analysis would show that Russia poses no existential threat to the US. Sure, Russia will make controversial geopolitical moves within its traditional sphere of influence, but none of this threatens American security interests. 

In a time when the US’s southern border is getting Zerg rushed by illegal alien invaders from the Global South, the last thing US political elites should be worried about is Russia. If we had a serious political class, they would be militarizing our southern border and not trying to get into a scuffle with Russia.

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