CIA Sets Up Telegram Channel with Aim of Recruiting Russians to Spy for the United States

The United States’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is making an attempt to recruit Russians to conduct espionage for the United States by posting propaganda videos on popular messaging application Telegram.

CIA operatives have set up the agency’s own channel on the messaging app in an effort “to reach those who feel compelled to engage” the spy agency, the CIA stated on May 15, 2023 in rolling out its Telegram channel.

In a propaganda video posted on the app, which was in the Russian language, the CIA said it was looking for ways to collect information about “the Russian economy or the country’s senior leadership.”

CIA officials announced to CNN reporters on May 15 that they expect their content and videos posted on Telegram will help motivate Russians to “deliver information that the United States needs.”

The US is desperate here. US leadership knows that it can’t get into a conventional war with Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. So it must turn to subversion to try to undermine Russia. 

Technology is ultimately a value neutral tool that can be used for ill or for good. In this case, Telegram is being used for nefarious purposes. Hopefully, the general public starts ridiculing the CIA here and exposing it for the parasitic entity that it is. More people need to mock and deride the CIA into eventual abolition. 

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