Cindy Hyde-Smith Worked For Pro-Obamacare Lobbying Group

Interim Republican Mississippi Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith worked for the pro-Obamacare lobbying firm the National Coalition on Health Care.

The Coalition is comprised of member chapters including the AFL-CIO union and the pro-Obamacare AARP, the National Council of La Raza, and the NAACP.

Hyde-Smith is a former Democrat who voted for Hillary Clinton for president in 2008, a top Democratic leader confirms. She is now running in November’s Mississippi Senate race to try to keep her seat against challenger Chris McDaniel, a conservative state senator.

But Hyde-Smith’s lobbying work will inevitably haunt her, just as her Democratic Party past is already ruffling the feathers of conservative Mississippi voters.

Here’s an August 22, 1999 ad from the Clarion-Ledger identifying Hyde-Smith as a lobbyist for the National Coalition on Health Care.

The Clarion-Ledger identified Hyde-Smith on January 23, 2000 as “A Washington lobbyist for five years.”

Here’s John Rother from the National Coalition on Health Care stating that Obamacare cannot be repealed and must be allowed to continue to exist in order to possibly improve health care going forward. As The Los Angeles Times reported:

John Rother, in his capacity as president and CEO of the National Coalition on Health Care, wrote a 2014 op-ed for U.S. News and World Report describing Obamacare as a success.

“Millions of Americans have been able to obtain coverage who were previously uninsured, and competition among insurers seems to be robust in many, though not all, state marketplaces. Medicare‚Äôs drug benefit and coverage for preventative services has been substantially improved,” Rother wrote.

Tennessee Democratic Rep. Jim Cooper listed the National Coalition on Health Care as a group that supports Obamacare during the 2010 Obama-led push to pass the bill:



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