Citing Anonymous Twitter Account with 11 Followers, Vox Calls Trump ‘Racist’ for Serving Fast Food to Clemson Football Team

All of the hot takes by the mainstream press on President Donald J. Trump’s dinner for NCAA football champion Clemson have been bad. But once again, far left rag Vox takes the cake, so to speak.

Trump paid about $3,000 out-of-pocket to serve McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Dominoes Pizza to the national champs in a ceremonial celebration of their title win while federal government employees are furloughed due to the Democrats’ support of illegal aliens. It was American food. Not the highest of quality, but what college kid wants to eat roast duck with a French pâté, or some other fancy nonsense anyway? And who cares? Trump did a good thing – something that he did not have to do. That should be the headline here. He could have cancelled the celebration completely. Naturally, the press went into seek-and-destroy mode, because only literally Hitler would serve burgers to college kids.

Enter Vox. 

“People are calling Trump’s McDonald’s and Wendy’s meal for the Clemson Tigers racist and classist,” the site said in the hottest of hot takes.

Those “people” that Vox was referring to were mostly the staff writers at Vox. The only person Vox cited as actually saying that the meal was “racist” or “classist” was a random guy on Twitter with 11 followers.

“’That’s the food… they like best’ struggled today with whether this was classist/racist or just a thoughtless excuse for trump to eat fast food. Doesn’t matter… these young men are at the WHITE HOUSE n deserve a world class meal (preferably w veggies from michelle’s garden),” said Twitter titan @the_still_water.

In case you, the ordinary American, were wondering whether to take Vox seriously as a news organization, hopefully this story, which is a perfect metaphor for the rest of their “hard-hitting journalism,” will help you decide.

If a media organization can craft a story around the opinion of one anonymous Twitter user, then journalism truly is dead. I could likely find a Tweet claiming that Trump is a space alien beamed down to earth to destroy the planet so the human population can be transported to planet Xerton for the purpose of re-population. I wouldn’t write a news story claiming that that’s what “some people are saying,” because that would be foolish. Perhaps the editorial standards at Vox are a bit less stringent.

The leftist press lives by one mantra: “Whatever it takes to bash Trump.”

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