City Controller Claims Philadelphia Sheriff Can’t Track 185 Missing Firearms

According to the Philadelphia city controller, 185 firearms are still unaccounted for by the Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office.

Of those unaccounted firearms, 76 are service weapons which includes revolvers, semi-automatic handguns, and a shotgun. Officers who are members of the sheriff’s office who end up retiring are allowed to keep their service weapon once they enter retirement.

For perspective, the recent figures have fallen from the November 2020 figure from the 101 service weapons. Sheriff Rochelle Bilal claims the number is considerably lower. “Twenty are still missing, that means we have no records of it even being in a sheriff’s office,” stated Bilal.

That said, Acting Controller Charles Edacheril said his office was not able to discover records to confirm those assertions.

The remaining unaccounted weapons include 109 guns connected to protection from abuse orders.

A judge can demand that the subject of a PFA hand over their personal firearm to the sheriff’s office until the order is thrown out or expired, the controller highlighted.

Bilal claims the dates on the missing weapons are dated back to the late 1970s. She claimed that when she entered the sheriff’s office back in January of 2020, the whole place was a mess.

“We cannot answer inconsistencies that derive as a result of bad record keeping in the past,” declared Sheriff Bilal.

Bilal faces re-election soon, which has made her question the timing of the release of the report. 

“Now you tell me, is it a political move?” she inquired.

What’s taking place in Philadelphia is typical of leftist jurisdictions where law & order and basic accountability have gone youtube the window. Philly is becoming an increasingly dysfunctional city that is marked by high crime, growing corruption, and a general ambience of disorder. 

This is the result of public policies that have left people defenseless against criminals through gun control and soft-on crime policies. In addition, many important posts in the local government are staffed by incompetent people who received these posts through mere cronyism and affirmative action policies. 

The result will be a crime-infested jurisdiction that becomes increasingly inhospitable for countless Americans. This is, sadly, the reality of many cities across the US.

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