City of Dallas Goons Sue Heroic Salon Owner Who Refused to Shut Down

CBS Local reported that Dallas city officials are filing a lawsuit against Salon À la Mode owner Shelley Luther.

In addition, the city of Dallas has filed a restraining order against Luther for violating the city and county’s shelter-in-place orders that were implemented to allegedly fight the Wuhan virus.

BLP reported on Luther’s bold action when she opened her salon in violation of the arbitrary order.

Two stylists and a nail technician were working at Luther’s salon, which is a small portion of her regular staff.

On April 24, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins issued Luther a cease and desist notice which ordered her to close her salon.

However, Luther ripped that letter to shreds at a grassroots rally the next day.

“Our salon and other small businesses were closed down on Mar. 22, and we have not had any income since,” she stated.

Luther also received a $1,000 ticket that she vows to not pay.

Luther said her salon will remain open, and fight for the right to operate her business.

The salon owner embodies the growing number of Americans who are getting sick of these government-imposed shutdowns.

States will eventually have to take a stand and re-open their economies unless they want to face growing levels of unrest from their citizens.

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