City of Phoenix Bribing People With Grocery and Gas Station Gift Cards To Take The Coronavirus Injection

Phoenix City Manager Jeff Barton is bribing people to “get fully vaccinated” by giving out $100 gift cards for groceries or gas stations. People become eligible for the gift cards if they take the experimental Coronavirus injection through one of the city of Phoenix’s mobile pandemic vans. As globalists make people’s lives worse — including through the economic weapons of debt, inflation, and supply chain shortages — people become more financially desperate and more pliable and easily controlled. The political class thinks $100 in groceries is enough to get people to submit to injection. Will humanity prove them wrong? Only time will tell.

Big League Politics previously reported: Globalists are attempting to lure children to vaccination events with aggressive phone targeting and promises of gifts including free backpacks and school supplies. These tactics could further aggravate a fed-up populace and spark even more resistance to the globalist vaccine agenda as protesters in the United States and Europe agitate against Coronavirus tyranny.

This reporter obtained promotional materials distributed in Phoenix, in the heart of politically volatile Maricopa County, advertising “FREE BACKPACKS AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!” at “Pfizer Vaccination Events” held in July at “15 schools” for “Ages 12+.”

“Hello School District of Philadelphia families. The School District of Philadelphia, in collaboration with Philadelphia Department of Public Health, invites all members of the community age 12 and older to a Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Event,” according to one creepy and highly dystopian automated voicemail message targeted to people in the City of Brotherly Love.

“Please note that the Philadelphia Board of Health has determined that persons 12 and older who can provide proof of their date of birth can receive a Pfizer vaccine without parental consent. Register for your appointment….” the voicemail message states, underscoring the extent to which the globalist system coerces children into taking the experimental injections without parental approval.

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