Civil Court Documents From Epstein Rape Case Will Be Unsealed, Despite Ghislaine Maxwell’s Objections

A judge issued an order today to unseal 80 documents from a civil court case filed by a prominent victim of deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Ghislaine Maxwell, who is widely alleged to have been Epstein’s accomplice and handler, fought to get the documents suppressed, but they will be seeing the line of day following a ruling by Judge Loretta Preska.

The documents are expected to consist of hundreds of pages and include depositions from Maxwell herself, which could detail her role in Epstein’s secretive operation. Her legal team hoped to suppress her deposition because of its “extremely personal, confidential” nature. Maxwell’s lawyers have claimed in filings that this is part of a “series of (efforts) to compel Maxwell to answer intrusive questions about her sex life.”

Judge Preska ultimately determined that Maxwell’s privacy concerns do not take precedent over the public’s need to understand these disclosures. Maxwell’s lawyer Laura Menninger is requesting a two week delay in releasing the documents so she can file an appeal on behalf of her client.

“There have been some significant changes with respect to my client’s positions and perhaps known to everyone listening to this, while we were speaking about a potential ongoing criminal investigation (before), since that time Miss Maxwell has been indicted and a trial has been scheduled,” Menninger said.

“Now we are in a vastly different position and have grave concerns about our clients ability to receive a fair trial given the intense media scrutiny around anything that is unsealed,” she added.

Sigrid McCawley, an attorney for prominent Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre, said he hoped the documents are released “as swiftly as possible.”

Big League Politics has reported on Maxwell’s criminal apprehension in recent weeks as well as her fears that she could end up dying under mysterious circumstances like her former right-hand man, Epstein:

Jeffrey Epstein’s former ‘madame’ Ghislane Maxwell believes the pedophile billionaire, who was her ex-lover, was murdered in a Manhattan jail, and fears the same fate in pretrial detention at a jail in Brooklyn.

“Everyone’s view including Ghislaine’s, is Epstein was murdered. She received death threats before she was arrested,” reported the Sun on Sunday, quoting an unnamed purported Maxwell contact. Maxwell had reportedly contracted the services of veterans of the British Armed Forces, fearing potentially assassination attempts following the death of Epstein and a deluge of death threats communicated to her.

The Maxwell contact, who remained in contact with her throughout her time in hiding in New Hampshire, states that she believes Maxwell fears dying suspiciously in a manner similar to Epstein while in the Brooklyn jail.

Maxwell was arrested at a secretive New Hampshire getaway last month by FBI agents, in regards to an investigation probing her involvement in the deceased pedophile billionaire’s underage sex trafficking network. The Department of Justice is accusing Maxwell of procuring, transporting and in turn personally abusing underage girls for Epstein and an elite network of the New York financier’s political and financial contacts to abuse.

Maxwell broke down in tears last week when a federal judge denied her bail, citing the heiress’ collection of properties around the world and her “extraordinary capacity to evade detection.”

The pedophile sex cults that run rampant within high-level government circles seem to have lost their protection now that Trump is in the White House.

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