Civil Rights Champion Roger Stone: Ralph Northam Should Resign

During his time in Washington, D.C.,  Big League Politics was granted extensive access to long-time Trump confident Roger Stone, who is under indictment as a part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into so-called Russian collusion.

One thing this reporter has learned speaking with Stone is that all that’s needed to get a lot of information from him is to throw a simple question his way and let him talk. He is a treasure-trove of information, history, life and political advice. Shortly after Big League Politics released the shocking report showing Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s blackface/KKK photo in his yearbook, he was asked for his thoughts.

Stone first wanted to make it clear that he’s calling for him to resign.

“He needs to resign immediately,” Stone said. “I find it incredible that the [Republican] Secretary of State in Florida is revealed to have been in a blackface photo sometime earlier in his career, and he resigns immediately, yet the Democratic Governor of Virginia is caught red-handed and he immediately changes his story, initially admitting it’s him, then denies that it’s him.”

Continuing, Stone blasted the entire Democratic Party, saying, “It just demonstrates again that the Democrats are the party of the KKK, slavery, and racism.”

After calling for his resignation, Stone spoke of his long-held support for civil rights.

“I have been a twenty year critic of the 1994 crime bill, pushed by Bill and Hillary Clinton that requires harsh, mandatory penalties, for poor people, black people, those captured with rock cocaine, whereas those who are rich and white and are captured with powdered cocaine don’t suffer the same harsh penalties. The entire war on drugs is an ignominious, racist failure and it falls disproportionately on black people and poor people, when people who are incarcerated  for the non-violent first-time crime of possession. It’s ridiculous.”

Stone also declares his support for affirmative action, something that is generally opposed by those on the right, saying:

“I have been a proponent of affirmative action. Many conservatives are against it, I’m for it, I think there has to be some redress about Jim Crow.”

Finally, Stone spoke about the lesser-told history of former President Richard Nixon, who was a champion on civil rights while in office. Stone’s effection for Nixon is well known, with him even having a tattoo of the former President on his back.

“I point out that it was Richard Nixon who desegregated the public schools, who desegregated the trade unions, who gave us affirmative action, and it is Donald Trump who has brought unemployment levels among African Americans to the lowest point in American history.”

Stone is joining a highly bi-partisan coalition of figures calling for Governor Northam to resign. So far he has rejected those calls.

Before finishing this discussion, Stone wanted to make clear that Big League Politics Editor Patrick Howley is an “American hero,” for releasing this story, among many other accomplishments in his career.

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