Civilian Disarmament Organization Rolls Out Plan to Teach People How to Sue Firearm Companies

Gun Control Inc. is now teaching gun control advocates on how to sue firearm companies. 

John Crump of AmmoLand News, noted that Continuing Legal Education (CLE) is being used as a bludgeon against the firearm sector. CLE is the mandatory training lawyers must go through after passing the bar exam. 

These classes can vary in terms of content. Civilian disarmament group Brady United Against Gun Violence recently rolled out a CLE course that teaches lawyers how to file lawsuits against firearm manufacturers. 

Brady United has a history of using underhanded legal arguments to sue firearm manufacturers nationwide and circumvent the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA).

The Brady group has filed north of 250 lawsuits in 45 states that has put the firearm industry on the hook for over $60 million. This strategy’s most successful campaign came against Remington in Connecticut following the Sandy Hook massacre of 2012.

The training program uses Brady’s actions as a template that other lawyers can follow in their quest to bankrupt firearm companies via lawfare. Brady Chief Counsel Jonathan Lowy and Senior Counsel Erin Davis teaches this class which is centered on circumventing the PLCAA.

The PLCAA is a law that was passed in 2005 designed to protect firearm manufacturers and gun merchants from lawsuits concerning the use of their products. Crump noted that companies can still face legal damages for defective products, breach of contract, criminal misconduct, and other actions, like selling a gun they willingly knew would be employed in a crime. 

Crump goes into further detail about how this lawfare program works here. Overall, the gun control crowd knows that it can’t get its pet legislative projects passed in Congress or in many state legislatures. So they’ll settle for using the legal system to bankrupt gun vendors and companies to potentially deprive thousands if not millions of Americans of reliable firearms. 

Again, gun owners must always be vigilant about the ways these restless ghouls will try to undermine our freedoms. Any slip up on our end will result in the destruction of our god-given freedoms.

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