Claim: “Shrieking” Heard from Jeffrey Epstein’s Jail Cell on Morning of his Death

Jeffrey Epstein Caught Witness Tampering

CBS News claims to have been informed by a source familiar with the matter that “shrieking” was heard in Jeffrey Epstein’s jail cell on the morning of his death.

The unnamed sources claim medical personnel and corrections officers entered the cell in a supposed attempt to revive the disgraced billionaire, stating “breathe, Epstein, breathe.”

If the anonymous claims are legitimate and truthful, they could represent the clearest red flag in the official account of Epstein’s purported suicide so far. Epstein was supposedly found dead in his cell on Saturday morning. Reports of medical personnel or corrections officers attempting to revive him weren’t mentioned in initial reporting of the event.

Epstein supposedly made a makeshift noose from his bedsheets, kneeled against the floor and leaned forward to hang himself. It’s unclear who would have been shrieking from Epstein’s cell if he had been found dead by jail staff to begin with.

Another report has surfaced indicating that one of the guards monitoring Epstein’s cell block on the night of his death wasn’t a regular corrections officer. The makeshift guard may have been a clerical worker of some sort, filling in on the job due to a shortage of corrections officers.

Final conclusions from Epstein’s autopsy have been delayed for medical personnel to obtain additional information.

The billionaire’s private island was finally raided by FBI agents on Monday in the aftermath of his death. Epstein was facing sex trafficking charges related to his years of operating a pedophile ring on the island for himself and his wealthy network of friends.

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