CLASSLESS: Kathy Griffin Sells “F*** Trump” Christmas Ornaments

The always classy Kathy Griffin has released new merchandise just in time for Christmas!

The beheaded Trump-holding “comedian” added Christmas ornaments to her online store collection to express her hatred for President Trump- in case it wasn’t already clear. The vulgar critic of President Trump included numerous holiday themed options to go along with the year-round collection of anti-Trump merchandise. The special Christmas themed ornaments feature only two words: “F*ck Trump” – because who doesn’t love the F-word on their Christmas tree? Oh, and if your Christmas tree is on the classier side, there’s always the cursive version of the ornament.


Unfortunately, the Cyber Monday 25% deal is gone, so don’t try to use the promo code LOCKHIMUP on the purchase. According to Griffin’s Twitter, there won’t be any more Christmas merchandise made so Trump-haters will just have to settle for the other items in the store like the t-shirts, coffee cups, and key chains. Of course stating “F*ck Trump”.

Still can’t find anything to fit your style? Or maybe your hate for Trump isn’t as excessive as Griffin’s but ugh, that Brett Kavanaugh get’s under your skin. Look no further! 

This absolutely ridiculous attempt at getting involved with politics is pathetic. Were there “F*** Obama” Christmas ornaments endorsed by any celebrities? Griffin’s repeated next-level attacks on the President have gone completely too far. Maybe that’s what happens when celebrities don’t know anything about politics and try to insert their invalid opinion because their careers have tanked. We know you’re trying to stay relevant Kathy. Time to give it up.

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