Climate Tsar John Kerry Admits America “Won’t Have Coal” By End Of Decade

John Kerry, America’s very own climate Tsar.

John Kerry has had a long career walking through and out the revolving door of the government at multiple levels. In fact, his love for living off the taxpayer was so great that a brand new position was created just for him courtesy of the Biden regime: United States Special Presidential Envoy for Climate. As the representative responsible for originally signing the Paris Agreement on behalf of his fellow Americans, the former Presidential nominee seems to have finally come to his own in this new position, as can be seen by his latest admission.

According to Breitbart News, the former Massachutsetts Senator used his attendance at the Cop26 in Glasgow, Scotland, the latest attempt our benevolent rulers are using to lower the average Westerner’s quality of life, admitted that coal would be completely phased out of the American energy mix by 2030 as part of the carbon reduction plans the Biden regime is compelling the American people towards.

This comes on the coat tails of the recently passed $1.2 trillion monstrosity of a bill that contains a plethora of clauses and setasides for climate change edicts.

“we’re saying we are going to be carbon-free in the power sector by 2035.” “I think that’s leadership. I think that’s indicative of what we can do,” Kerry said.

Currently accounting for nearly a fifth of American electricity consumption, coal is also a bedrock of many local economies in the Appalachians, a region successive generations of deep state bureaucrats have attempted to undermine through de-industrialization and erroneous environmental regulation, which have led to skyrocketing rates of opioid consumption and a myriad of other social ills.

Absent from Kerry’s well-thought out ideas on how to undermine Middle America further was an admission that the shale boom, spearheaded by fracking technology, has been at the forefront of carbon emissions reduction in America for the better part of a decade, assuming this matters at all.

Indeed, while China is planning to build a staggerring 150 new nuclear power plants over just the next 15 years, the infrastructure bill that just passed provided a paltry $6 billion to be used as lifelines for obsolete nuclear plants instead of funding the construction of next generation reactors. Apparently, this is part of the effort to build back better.

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