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CLINTON HEARING FLOPS: Two Random Guys Say The IRS Should Decide What Happens



Forensic investigators John Moynihan and Larry Doyle performed an independent audit of the Clinton Foundation and testified Thursday to the House Oversight Committee that the Foundation has some problems.

U.S. Attorney John Huber, who lots of people hope is more seriously investigating the Clintons, did not show up to the hearing and another witness could not make it due to a “death in the family.” It is possible, according to the witnesses, that there is an FBI investigation based out of Little Rock, Arkansas into the Clinton Foundation, but the FBI is historically corrupt.

Moynihan and Doyle stated under oath some things that close observers have already known for a long time. They would not hand over their documents to the Committee, even though they handed them over to the IRS and FBI. Moynihan said the IRS should determine what happens to the Clinton Foundation.

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“We have a submission of probable cause to the IRS,” Moynihan said.

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“It is a claim of probable cause that the Foundation operated outside of the bounds of their approval by the IRS. That is our claim,” Moynihan said. He said the Foundation “far exceeded the purposes” of its non-profit status.

“The Foundation was not a charitable foundation per say, but was in fact a closely held family partnership…sought in large measure to advance the personal interests” of its members, said Larry Doyle.

The investigators also said that the Clinton Foundation should have registered under FARA because the organization was clearly operating as an agent of foreign governments.

Doyle noted that the Clinton Foundation was operating as a foreign agent of the government of Mozambique in 2002.

“It was plainly obvious, based on emails we reviewed, that this was not a Clinton Foundation program per se…They were brokering money, and they were brokering pharmaceuticals…They were an agent of money through these donors…They negotiated these relationships with the pharmaceutical companies. By the same token, they were brokering the pharmaceuticals and taking the vig.”

“Less than one tenth of one percent of the donors gave 80 percent of the money,” Doyle noted about the Foundation.

This is all well and good, but the IRS is obviously never going to investigate the Clintons and this is all pretty tame information for people who have been following this interminable Deep State fact-finding grind over the last two years.

Oh well.

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Biden’s Supposed Transition Team is Stacked With George Soros Operatives

The George Soros presidency.



Joe Biden’s transition team is stacked to the brim with former employees and operatives of the Open Society Foundations, a network of liberal influence organizations serving as a front for globalist oligarch George Soros.

The results of the election are undetermined as litigation regarding improprieties is adjudicated, but that hasn’t prevented Biden from setting up a transition team with the understanding he’ll seamlessly be inaugurated as the President in January.

Sarah Cross, a former advocacy director of OSF’s International Migration Initiative, has been hired to the transition team’s State Department element. Michael Plan, a special advisor to OSF’s executive office, has joined Biden’s shadow Mission to the United Nations. Diane Thompson, who Biden has slated for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, also is featured on OSF’s website.

The Washington Free Beacon has also documented the presence of numerous employees of Soros-funded organizations distinct from OSF on Biden’s transition team.

Soros has been sanctioned by multiple nations in Europe for election interference, and the Russian Federation has formally banned the Open Society Foundations for criminal conduct within its borders. OSF fled Hungary when the nation criminalized human smuggling and abetting illegal immigration on the part of nominally charitable “non-governmental organizations.”

If Biden is inaugurated, it appears as if the globalist oligarch will have more influence within the White House than he ever has previously. Soros had provided lukewarm support to Barack Obama, later lamenting that the 44th president froze him out of the governing process and wishing that Hillary Clinton had instead been elected President.


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