CLOWN ISLAND: UK Man Who Fought Off Jihadists Forced into “Deradicalization” Program

A UK man who fought back against knife-wielding jihadists in a June 2017 has been placed into a UK state-run “deradicalization” for his patriotic and anti-islamization views.

Roy Larner bravely stood up to three terrorists in the infamous ‘London Bridge’ attack in June 2017, earning the moniker “Lion of London Bridge.” He suffered numerous stabbing and knife wounds, fighting back against the attackers who chanted “Islam, Islam, Islam,” and “This is for Allah.”

Larner was widely lauded as a hero for his actions in the tragedy. Many called for him to be awarded the George Cross, the UK’s highest civilian award for gallantry. But it appears the UK’s government is treating him in a far different manner-legally prosecuting him for “offensive” speech and mandating his attendance in a series of “deradicalization” classes.

“They treat me like a terrorist but I’m not political at all,” the hero has been quoted as saying. In a development that can be only be described as the height of lunacy, Larner apparently was placed into terror watch list programs because of his contacts in the UK’s right wing and nationalist political movements.

Larner is being treated harshly in part because of two past run-ins with the law- one in which he was caught possessing illegal painkillers, and another stemming from a heated interaction over immigration to the UK with a black photographer.

He was spared jail time on account of his heroic actions in the terror attack by a judge, but being placed in a state-run anti-dissident surveillance program isn’t exactly the most preferable alternative.

In the UK, the heroes who fight back with their bare hands against Islamic terrorists are labeled the terrorists themselves by the politically correct and anti-free speech regime governing the island. Meanwhile, Sharia pedophile gangs continue to rape children with impunity.

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