Clown World Protesters Draw Attention to Absurdity of Drag Queen Story Hour

Clown World Protesters Drag Queen Story Hour

A “Drag Queen Story Hour” in New Orleans, Louisiana saw a series of protesters, including men dressed as clowns and bearing signs referencing the popular “Clown World” meme.

The American Identity Movement dressed as clowns to protest the “Drag Queen Story Hour,” an event in which fully grown men, often sporting beards, wear dresses and heavy makeup to read stories to children in public libraries.

AIM’s signs read “Drag queen story hour, adult entertainment for kids!” Below this were the words, “Welcome to Clown World. Honk honk!”

The clowns waited until various drag queens had entered the building, and then entered it in full clown makeup and outfits. They held the sign, danced, and honked their horns as they were asked to leave by the “Drag Queen Story Hour” officials.

After they left the building, the clown protesters proceeded to dance, juggle, and hold their sign outside the library for passersby to see.

This latest “Drag Queen Story Hour” also came after two separate drag queens who read stories to children were outed as convicted pedophiles, both convicted of committing lewd acts with minors in the same age group as the children attending the readings.

It also comes months after Big League Politics reported that a notorious drag queen admitted he was “grooming” children to be inducted into the LGBT community:

“This is going to be the grooming of the next generation. We are trying to groom the next generation,” said Dylan Pontiff, a drag queen and organizer of the Story Hour, according to LifeSite. 

The Drag Queen Story Hour is a movement that exposes children as young as three to cross-dressers at public libraries, schools and bookstores. The drag queens read story books to children in an attempt to normalize their culture.

Pontiff’s stage name is Santana Pilar Andrews and he performs in drag mostly for adults, which he says is not a problem when it comes to performing for children.

Grown men dressed as prostitutes reading to children and teaching them to dance in the fashion of women of the night may be the most apt example of Clown World yet.

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