CLOWNWORLD: National Guard Dances the ‘Macarena’ in the Streets as America Burns

National guardsmen deployed to keep the peace in Atlanta, Ga. danced the “Macarena” with protesters shortly before the 8pm curfew on Friday night, as clownworld soars to unforeseen heights.

The video of the absurd display can be seen here:

The fake news media is reporting this embarrassing and unserious display as some kind of victory for unity and levity amidst all of the chaos and destruction:

It was a moment of much-needed levity after a week of protests in Atlanta.

SKYFOX 5 was over downtown Atlanta about 15 minutes until an 8 p.m. curfew went into effect Friday.

It at first looked like a standard line of guardsmen in front of protesters, except it wasn’t.

It turns out the Georgia National Guard and the protests found some common ground doing the popular line dance the “Macarena.”

The dancing continued albeit with a bit fewer people.

The young protesters left the area peacefully before the curfew took effect. But they left behind this one perfect moment.

Meanwhile, armed black militant supremacists are marching in the streets with guns with a mob showing solidarity behind them:

The riots in Atlanta have already caused a tremendous deal of property damage with many innocent bystanders being hurt by the mob. Many protesters openly encourage the destruction as a form of racial justice:

It’s now nearly 24-hours since protesters created havoc in Atlanta — they burned cars, damaged buildings and marched the streets.

Atlanta’s Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms lashed out at the rioters.

Our Atlanta Bureau Chief, Archith Seshadri, is on the ground with reaction after a night of angry riots from downtown Atlanta.

What started out as a peaceful protest in centennial Olympic Park — turned violent with protesters burning cop cars, damaging the CNN Center, vandalizing and breaking windows, shattering businesses, spray painting graffiti.

On Saturday the aftermath of what’s left behind — protesters still gathering and growing, holding up signs and demanding for a quick end to racism in the United States.

“If I was there, instead of recording I would have jumped one of the calls myself. If I had to die with Floyd, I would have died” – JALISSA MCNEAL. ATLANTA, ACTIVIST

“It hurts to see my city broken like this, but the other half of me is like burn it down — we are tired of being silent and unheard, invisible.” – RIO H. ATLANTA, WORKS DOWNTOWN

May God save us from this anarcho-tyranny that is being inflicted upon America by this mob.

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