CNN Accuses Soldiers of Possibly Breaking Rules By Asking Trump For Autographs

CNN, the news organization, published a piece accusing soldiers of possibly violating Department of Defense rules by asking President Donald Trump to sign Make America Great Again hats.

This isn’t a joke, this is a real “story” that CNN is pursuing, both in its web format and in its televised version. This is something that a CNN reporter actually wrote, and a CNN editor presumably signed off on and published.

Here are some paragraphs from the “report,” which was credited to Eli Watkins and TWO OTHER contributors, bringing the size of the reporting team on this piece to three individuals:

“President Donald Trump made his first visit to a war zone on Wednesday, receiving an enthusiastic reception from many US troops there — some of whom may have run afoul of military rules.

Video footage and the written report of Trump’s visit with service members in Iraq showed the President signing “Make America Great Again” hats and an embroidered patch that read “Trump 2020.”

But troops’ requests for the autographs could brush up against Department of Defense guidelines for political activities…

US military authorities in the coalition did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment.

Retired Rear Adm. John Kirby, a former Obama administration spokesperson and a CNN analyst, said on CNN’s “The Situation Room” on Wednesday that service members having Trump sign the items was inappropriate.

CNN passage ends

It’s hard to know exactly how to feel about this supposed news article. It is hard to wrap one’s mind around the staggering delusion, the complete and utter disconnect from reality and decency, exemplified here by CNN. It’s hard to even place oneself in the mindset of a CNN “reporter” who feels that it’s appropriate or interesting to do something like this.

Some people laughed when CNN blackmailed a Reddit user named Han A**hole Solo into hiding after he posted a pro-President Trump meme.

Some people merely shrugged when CNN showed up on the front lawn of a nice older lady who allegedly unwittingly shared Russian stuff on Facebook.

Some people turned a blind eye when Don Lemon got drunk on the air.

Now, we are here. At this point. CNN is trying to get active-duty military service members in trouble for asking President Trump to sign their MAGA hats.

That’s where we are now with CNN. There are no words for this new reality. There is only sadness.

I have made my thoughts on CNN known.

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