CNN and NBC Paid Leftist Grifter $70,000 for His Capitol Chaos Footage That Included Ashli Babbitt Shooting

Invoices show that CNN and NBC paid $35,000 apiece to John Sullivan, a left-wing grifter who enjoys stirring up trouble, for his video footage of the January 6 Capitol chaos—footage that included the killing of Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt.

The invoices were obtained by Politico and then posted on Twitter.

Politico linked to these invoices in a recent report on Sullivan’s court hearing. Judge Robin Meriweather has prevented prosecutors from seeking Sullivan’s blanket ban from Facebook and Twitter, but she has ordered Sullivan to cease his involvement with Insurgence USA, a group he founded, and to not use social media to incite riots or violence. Sullivan is currently under home detention and will also have his internet use monitored. He had been under 24-hour location monitoring via GPS until Judge Meriweather ordered that to be halted.

Big League Politics has covered John Sullivan before. Last month we wrote that he’s considered a pariah among Black Lives Matter activists in Utah because he likes to incite violence and then record and post it online to satisfy his compulsive attention seeking.

Conservatives have often described Sullivan as an “Antifa militant” or “BLM militant,” even going so far as to claim that his involvement in the January 6 Capitol siege meant that Antifa or BLM were behind the chaos. Although Sullivan did pose as a Trump supporter, shout incendiary remarks, and record footage at the Capitol that day, there is no evidence that Antifa or BLM conspired to infiltrate the protest and incite the breach.

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