CNN Blasted For Fake News

CNN Blasted For Fake News

As CNN routinely uses airtime to discredit Fox News and other right-wing personalities, various voices across all party lines have begun calling the outlet out for “falsifying news.”

On Monday, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey shared his knowledge of CNN promoting fake or misrepresented stories after he personally saw the far-left network aim to “create conflict” during the Ferguson riots back in 2014.

This revelation was uncovered after a tweet by Miss Universe Iraq 2017 Sarah Abdali Idan stated, “Even @CNN sometimes sell false news. I know this from covering Iraq events in 2019. People need to understand every media is prone to either mistakes or deliberate corruption. Do your own investigation before believing what they’re selling you.”

Dorsey responded: “I know this from being on the streets of Ferguson during the protests and watching them try to create conflict and film it causing the protestors to chant ‘f*** CNN’.”

In another tweet from Monday, Dorsey called out CNN’s Brian Stelter for the pundits’ comments against Fox News host Tucker Carlson, where he said, “Tucker Carlson is always selling the same thing, @pbump says: ‘He’s selling doubt…’”

Dorsey replied, “and you all are selling hope?”

When reporter Alex Salvi tweeted that Dorsey was “defending” Tucker Carlson, Dorsey responded, “Not defending a thing. Holding up a mirror.”

CNN Blasted For Fake News

CNN has notably been on the steady downtrend in viewership ever since Trump left office back in 2020.

This past January, the network hit a new low in primetime ratings during the week of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, averaging just under one million viewers.

During that same month, Fox News averaged nearly three times as many viewers as CNN in both primetime and total day viewership.

As noted by The Daily Wire, “CNN’s plummeting ratings have been attributed to a variety of factors including its incessant anti-Trump coverage during his presidency, its lackluster programming lineup, and its turn towards race-baiting rhetoric and left-wing activism masquerading as news reporting.”’

In a recent viral clip, the Thinker’s Chris Phillips slammed CNN’s Stelter for promoting “propaganda” during a panel at The University of Chicago. Demanding answers to the fact that CNN, amongst various other mainstream media organizations, seem to all “magically” report on stories in the “same direction.”


These are just a few examples of people spotting a visible disconnect between CNN’s “news you can trust” slogan, and the actual kinds of information they devote resources to on a daily basis.

It’s also worth noting that CNN+, the network’s newly released premium subscription service, is tanking already.

As of last week, the service had garnered a measly 33,000 sign-ups since its launch in early 2020. Which is an especially abysmal number when compared to HBO Max’s recent success, which acquired over eight million subscribers in less than two months.

It seems that people are finally starting to see CNN for what it really is: an untrustworthy, unprofessional news source that isn’t worth their time or money. Hopefully, this trend will continue until the network is forced to make some much-needed changes – or better yet, disappear altogether.

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CNN Blasted For Fake News

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