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CNN Claims GOP Legislators Refused to Appear AFTER Canceling on Matt Gaetz Twice

Jake Tapper tried to shame Republicans, claiming CNN couldn’t find one willing to appear on air. But the network cancelled on Matt Gaetz twice.



In the light of two mass shootings in Texas and Ohio over the weekend, CNN claims to have invited 49 Republican legislators to discuss the gun control legislation many progressives are demanding. Jake Tapper claimed that the network couldn’t find one willing to appear on air.

But now it appears the network cancelled two planned segments with Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, a pugnacious conservative known for fighting the left and pushing back against the establishment of the GOP.

Gaetz confirmed that he had been ready to appear on CNN’s daytime shows two times. The network cancelled the segments on both occasions.

Tapper called out establishment-friendly Republicans such as Will Hurd and Rob Portman, claiming they were unwilling to appear on CNN to debate gun control. He didn’t mention that leading personalities at his own network seem to be equally timid when provided a chance to debate an unapologetic conservative such as Matt Gaetz.

Both Erin Burnett and Anderson Cooper had cancelled on Gaetz.

Gaetz is a frequent target of scorn from progressives and some of their “conservative” servants, such as Bill Kristol. Gaetz made it clear in his tweet about the cable network’s lack of reliability and hesitance to have him on that he was still willing to appear, providing the pro-Second Amendment voice Tapper claims CNN is completely unable to find.

Fake News Media

CNN’s Jeff Zucker Is Heard Spiking Hunter Biden Laptop Story in Latest Project Veritas #CNNTapes

The Hunter Biden story was off limits at CNN.



CNN President Jeff Zucker can be heard instructing the network’s personnel not to cover the bombshell Hunter Biden laptop story in leaked conference calls in October, ensuring that the network’s audience wouldn’t hear of the evidence documenting the corrupt foreign business dealings of Joe Biden’s son in Ukraine.

Wednesday’s release is the latest of Project Veritas’s #CNNTapes. James O’Keefe of the whistleblower organization confronted Zucker on CNN’s daily conference call on Tuesday, revealing to the corporate media operative that the medium had been compromised.

Zucker explains that the Hunter Biden laptop story belonged exclusively to the “rabbit hole” of Fox News, Breitbart, and the New York Post in leaked conference call audio from October 23rd.

CNN Vice President and political director David Chalian more openly places a lid on the bombshell story in the leaked conference call, glossing over the reports of Biden family corruption and stating it was “obvious” that CNN wouldn’t cover it.

Obviously we’re not going with the New York Post story right now on Hunter Biden, which seems to be giving its marching orders to Fox News and the right wing echo chamber and what to talk about today…

Another CNN Vice President, David Vigilante, questions why any corporate media reporters are retweeting the story at all, suggesting it should be completely and totally ignored.

What in the world are Maggie Haberman and Jake Sherman doing retweeting that story?

The Hunter Biden laptop story may be the most censored news report in American history, with Big Tech platforms such as Twitter and Facebook going to unprecedented lengths in order to purge mention of it from their platforms.


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