CNN Columnist: Term ‘Patriot’ Has ‘Racist Overtones’

A CNN columnist has now decided that the word “patriot” is out of bounds because it has “racist overtones.”

“The US is preparing to send 5,000 troops to the border. It is called “Operation Faithful Patriot.” Why does everything tagged “patriot” or “freedom” seem tainted with racist overtones?” Carol Costello asked on Twitter.

Once again, CNN is beating the “racist” drum. It is now impossible to have a civilized conversation about American immigration policy – let alone oppose illegal immigration –  without some elitist snob in cable news crying “racism.” But this is a new low.

Patriotism is something that Americans used to be able to hold with pride. Now, CNN is shaming people who hold that trait as “racists.” Since when did “patriot” become a dirty word? Do the New England Patriots of the National Football League have to change their nickname?

To answer Costello’s question, everything “tagged patriot” has “racist overtones” because the hucksters at CNN and other cable news outlets are more than happy to make a buck off of driving racial division in America. It is an epidemic of greed as bad, if not worse, than any greed on Wall Street that the political left constantly bemoans.

Greed in the banking industry may affect Americans’ wallets, but greed in the news industry is literally tearing the fabric of this nation apart. Race-baiting for money is out of hand, and CNN ought to be appalled that it has devolved into peddling this smut.


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