CNN Commentator Falsely Accuses Trump of Using ‘Deadly Force’ Against Migrants

A CNN commentator falsely accused President Donald J. Trump of using “deadly force” against the migrant caravan that attempted to invade the U.S. Southern border Sunday.

“If reports of a few migrants throwing rocks at the border are true, please wonder at whether a few rocks are really a threat to the heavily armed, militarized US border patrol: ROCKS AREN’T THREATS. THEY’RE JUST THE EXCUSE FOR TRUMP TO RESPOND WITH DEADLY FORCE,” Tweeted Sally Kohn.

Trump did not respond to the throwing of rocks with deadly force. U.S. Border Patrol fired tear gas to disperse the crowd.

Big League Politics reported on the attempted invasion:

Central Americans linked to the seven-thousand strong ‘caravan’ rushed the U.S Border at the Tijuana point of entry on Sunday with the apparent intention of gaining entry to the United States.

A video of the event showed more than a hundred illegal aliens making a coordinated effort to cross the barrier between Mexico and the United States near the San Ysidro point of entry.

The caravan has become a point of irritation for Mexican authorities and communities, transcending the traditional perception of illegal immigration being a problem limited to the United States. The Mayor of Tijuana strongly expressed his disapproval of the arrival of the caravan in his city, going so far as to call for Mexican authorities to immediately deport the illegal aliens.

A group of men attempted to cross the border fence where authorities released tear gas in response.

Kohn is known more for leftist activism than level-headed punditry. Perhaps her most boneheaded moment came in February 2015 when she fantasized about to removing Trump from office and installing twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary R. Clinton as president:

That’s not how this works.

She also wrote a controversial column for the Washington Post in 2015 saying that she was “disappointed” in her daughter’s sexual preference of men, illustrating that victimhood status is a tool used by leftists for power grabbing. Kohn herself is a lesbian.


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