CNN Commentator Laughs At Teen Who Was Assaulted By MAGA Hat Thief Kino Jimenez

A CNN commentator has brought the network to a lower level than previously thought to be possible by condoning the assault of a Texas teenager by a grown man.

Responding to podcaster VanLathan, Temple University professor and frequent CNN guest sent three “tears of joy” emojis.

“Wish I could take the high road,” VanLathan said. “But your MAGA hat reads like a swastika to me. So ummm … hmm. Yeah. Maybe I’m not longer a decent person.”

VanLathan was supporting the perpetrator of an assault, who threw a drink in a teenage boy’s face and stole his MAGA hat at a San Antonio Whataburger.

Big League Politics reported:

The perpetrator who assaulted a group of 16-year-olds in San Antonio, TX restaurant is a 30-year old Dungeons & Dragons cosplaying deadbeat who lives with his parents and has an extensive criminal record.

Kino Jimenez ruined the evening of Hunter Richards and his friends, who were enjoying a late night meal at Whataburger when he stole Richards’ MAGA hat, cursed him out, and left the restaurant in huff.

BLP Passage Ends. 

BLP later reported that Jimenez has been arrested and charged with felony “Theft of a Person.” He faces up to two years in prison.

Hill later (sort of) clarified his position on Twitter.

“I actually don’t advocate throwing drinks on people,” Hill wrote. “Not at all. But yes, i think MAGA hats (deliberately) reflect a movement that conjures racism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc. So yes, it’s a little harder to feel sympathy when someone gets Coca Cola thrown on him.”

So Hill does not advocate for assaulting Trump supporters, but does not feel sympathy towards those who are assaulted. The hatred and violence spewed by the supposedly-tolerant left is palpable, and it is coming to a boiling point. In response to Hill’s idiocy, many people responded by saying that they would purchase a MAGA hat and wear it publicly.

“Now I’m going to start wearing a MAGA hat and if anyone touches it they will have a problem,” said a Twitter user called Coaches4Trump.

“Aw s***!” said Twitter user Pat Ford in response to Hill. “Didn’t want to do this, but now it looks like I gotta go buy me a MAGA hat. Didn’t even vote for the dude, but I hate bullies more!”

Seemingly everything the political left has done in an effort to resist Trump over the past few weeks has majorly backfired. Perhaps politicians calling for harassment of Trump supporters and officials, as Rep. Maxine Waters did two weeks ago, is not the best strategy for winning over the public.

If the left keeps up this behavior, Trump may just be president forever.


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