CNN Confuses Michigan With Minnesota During Reopening Segment

CNN misidentified the state of Michigan as Minnesota in a graphic highlighting state reopening polices on Friday.

The embarrassing gaffe was quickly swept under the rug, and doesn’t appear the liberal mainstream media network is going to issue a correction.

The graphic was designed to highlight states that are reopening some businesses within the coming week. Michigan is allowing some businesses such as gyms to reopen, whereas Minnesota is yet to implement an official reopening plan.

CNN may cause considerable confusion for Minnesota residents, who may be led to believe their state is actually reopening.

In yet another embarrassment for the corporate news network, CNN’s operatives were moved to the back row of Friday’s presidential press briefings. The journalists lodged a complaint with the White House Correspondent’s Association, and are refusing to comply with White House policy by moving to the back row.

From the looks of it, CNN should focus on educating their graphics department on the geography of the midwestern United States instead of plotting more puerile stunts at the daily White House press briefings. Minnesota is two states away from Michigan, and they don’t look remotely alike geographically.

Someone in CNN’s graphic departments has egg on their face right now.

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