CNN Continues Habit of Drinking on Television

Anderson Cooper and his New Year’s co-host Andy Cohen took shots on television in another sad spectacle that might have seemed cool in concept but was uncomfortable in execution.

Cooper said the alcohol was burning his lungs, after the hosts encouraged people watching at home to also drink liquor with them. This is not the first time CNN has done this — Don Lemon infamously got drunk on the air in a previous pitiable display.

Here was Don Lemon’s past drunken incident:

As I reported:

Andy Cohen, CNN’s replacement for Kathy Griffin on their New Year’s Eve show with Anderson Cooper, proclaimed that he hates white people.

Evidence of the remark and other statements by Cohen are coming under scrutiny as the national rhetoric slides off the rails and the mainstream media — including those at CNN— are pushing divisive rancor. Cohen hosts a late-night talk show on the Bravo cable channel.

The common left-wing tactic in these matters is to claim that the left-winger in question was joking, as Snopes claimed in their ridiculous article excusing Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell’s literal threatening of the American people with our government nuclear arsenal. But words have meaning, as the Left is always so quick to assert when a conservative gets slammed in a free-speech scandal.

Here is Andy Cohen in 2016.

The top reply to Cohen’s tweet as of press time: “I hate that I was born white. I feel the entire guilty weight of my shameful history every day.”

Is CNN’s divisive rhetoric contributing to an epidemic of violence in America? You decide.

We reported: A man was captured on video sprinting across an intersection and sucker-punching a President Trump supporter who was peacefully protesting outside CNN headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

Even though the victim — a man from Clayton County, Georgia — declined to press assault charges, Atlanta police arrested and booked the assailant for disorderly conduct.

Watch The Video of the Stunning Attack:

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