CNN Cutting Healthcare Division in New Round of Layoffs

Exterior view of CNN Center on Tuesday April 3, 2007 in Atlanta, Georgia. PHOTOGRAPHER: CHRIS RANK/ BLOOMBERG NEWS

CNN is set off to lay off its healthcare reporting team, according to reports from within the company that emerged Friday. The company had earlier claimed rumors regarding pending layoffs were inaccurate, a claim that now appears to be nothing but fake news.

100 CNN employees took voluntary buyouts two weeks ago, likely have been “volun-told” out the door in an attempt by management to save face.

Now, sources have confirmed to Fox News that basically the “entire [health] division will lose their jobs.” Sanjay Gupta, a doctor who heads the program, will remain, but those under him will be cut loose. It’s somewhat unclear why exactly the health coverage is being axed, as Gupta’s work is generally more informative, newsworthy, and non-political than the loaded liberal punditry regularly on display on CNN’s shows.

If anything, merely allowing Gupta to get on air more to talk about healthcare and wellness could represent a chance for the struggling channel to gain new viewers and maybe even create a shred of credibility. But it appears CNN’s management believes even more thousands of hours digging into discredited Russia conspiracy theories will be more interesting to those who still have a cable TV subscription.

The cable behemoth could be the next on the chopping block in a race to the bottom among mainstream news organizations to cut costs and eliminate jobs. Increasingly, the “reporting” done by entities such as CNN is rendered irrelevant by alternative news organizations, many of which offer a more succinct, honest, and objective perspective to readers and viewers seeking information.

Adding to an appearance of general chaos and mismanagement within the Georgia television network, CNN personality Brian Stelter said that he didn’t know what he was doing in a graduation speech.

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