CNN Doesn’t Think Brass Knuckles Are a Legitimate Form of Self Defense

CNN downplays Texas’s legalization of brass knuckles.

In a piece, condescendingly titled “It’s now legal to carry brass knuckles in Texas. Because, ‘self-defense”, the author highlighted Texas’ recent passage of brass knuckles legalization.

Liberty Conservative News reported on Texas Governor Greg Abbot signing HB 446 into law on Saturday, May 25, 2019, after receiving a unanimous vote in both chambers of the state legislature.

The bill removes “knuckles” from a category of weapons prohibited in a previous law that made it illegal to possess, manufacture, transport or sell a number of weapons that went form improvised explosive devices to homemade guns.

Ironically, State Representative Joe Moody, a politician who has repeatedly introduced anti-gun legislation like “red flag” gun confiscation laws, sponsored HB 446.

He stated that this bill was designed for people who wanted to exercise self-defense. Moody cited the case of a woman who wanted to use a keychain for self-defense but was ultimately jailed because it under the category of prohibited “knuckles”:

A young woman who has a keychain for self-defense, certainly fits the statute of knuckles. And she was arrested for that.

Moody concluded that this arrest was “certainly antithetical to our rights to self-defense.”

Political commentator Eric Spencer poked fun of CNN’s article title, pointing out how the modern-day Left increasingly views self-defense with disdain.

The passage of this law was one of the few bright spots during an otherwise disappointing 2019 legislative session.

House Speaker Dennis Bonnen killed pro-gun Constitutional Carry legislation through a smear attack against a gun rights activist. The House Speaker even claimed that Constitutional Carry would allow felons to carry firearms, despite the fact that the law does nothing to Texas state law which already prohibits felons from carrying.

Nevertheless, self-defense advocates will take whatever they can get. The 2021 legislative session will be the next opportunity for them to make things right.

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