CNN Hack Wants to Censor Trump’s Press Conferences

CNN “reporter” Oliver Darcy, who was instrumental in getting radio host Alex Jones de-platformed from the internet’s major social networks (so much for the “free press”) is on another crusade, this time advocating to censor President Donald J. Trump.

“Worth pointing out: News organizations get a lot of criticism when they tweet out Trump’s dubious claims without offering the reader more context. But networks are running his pool sprays, giving Trump huge platform to peddle all kinds of nonsense. Why not hold & vet claims 1st?” Darcy Tweeted Wednesday afternoon.

Darcy wants to stop his viewers from having unfettered access to Trump’s full press briefings, instead giving his network the opportunity to subjectively decide what angles it will take to report on Trump. It is far too easy for ordinary Americans to call out CNN for their lies and narrative twisting when they can simply refer back to the full tape and see what Trump said while speaking live.

Darcy hates this. He wants to control the flow of information from the White House to the people. Why would anyone advocate for such a practice?

You decide.

Proving that he is nothing more than an elitist shill and puppet boy, Darcy once worked for Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, before that establishment site nearly crashed and burned. There, he often chastised his current employer.

“At what point does CNN not let people just make stuff up on the airwaves,” he once Tweeted.

At least Darcy has always been consistent in his belief that he should be able to decide who says what, and to whom. A true advocate for a “free press” would encourage anyone to speak – uncensored – and then let free people decide whether certain claims have merit.

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