CNN is Flustered by the Record Number of Firearms Americans are Purchasing

In an article CNN published on November 23, 2021, asserted that  “Americans are buying more guns than ever before”, hinting at declining support for gun control.

The article by Chris Cillizza noted that the House was able to pass gun control in the House but the Senate is not even expected to entertain gun control as  “support for gun control just hit its lowest point in almost decade.” Even with Democrats in control of the Senate by virtue of Vice Kamala Harris’ tie-breaking vote, there are still several Senate Democrats in swing states or competitive states that are hesitant about passing gun control. Such a move would activitate many angry pro-gun voters who could make all the difference in close Senate races.

The lack of support that Cillizza alluded to comes from the findings in a Gallup survey that only shows 52% of Americans support stricter gun control laws.nThis is the lowest level of gun control support in America since 2014.

CNN also covered a new Quinnipiac Poll, which revealed that 48% of registered voters are against stricter gun control measures. According to Cillizza’s report, “Americans are buying more guns than ever before. In 2020, nearly 23 million guns were bought — a record. That surge has continued through 2021.”

AWR Hawkins highlighted some of the numbers of sales in 2021:

On September 9, 2021, the National Shootings Sports Foundation looked at numbers from the first six months of 2021 and estimated there were 3.2 million first-time gun purchasers during that time-frame.

Americans still maintain their strong pro-Second Amendment inclinations, which leaves many people in the mainstream media flustered. This shows that pro-gun coalitions are still a political force in America. National populists should not shy away from the Second Amendment, as any type of encroachment on that right could be used for driving up voter turnout during election season.

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