CNN Poll Shows Trump With Decisive Lead Over Joe Biden In 2024 Presidential Election

According to a CNN poll carried out by SSRS, Donald Trump continues holding a decisive advantage over President Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential campaign.

Trump enjoys the support of 49% of registered voters, while Biden enjoys the support of 43% of registered voters. 

Currently, 55% of Americans voters said they view Trump’s presidency as a success, whereas 44% view it as a failure.

61% of American registered voters believe his presidency has been a failure thus far, whereas 39% indicated it’s been a success.

92% of Republican voters view Trump’s presidency as a success, whereas 73% of Democrat voters indicated Biden’s has been a success thus far. Among independent voters, 51% indicated that Trump’s presidency was successful, whereas just 37% view Biden’s presidency as a success.

14% of American voters believe they consider both presidents as failures, whereas 8% stated both are successes. 47% view Biden’s presidency thus far to be a failure while labeling Trump’s presidency as a success, whereas only 30% stated Biden’s presidency has been a success and that Trump’s presidency was not. 

60% of American voters are against the way Biden has handled his job, while 40% of American voters are in favor of Biden’s presidency. 

In a similar vein, 45% of American voters approve of the way he has tackled healthcare policy in addition to 44% have approved the manner he has handled student debt. 

On the issue of Israel, Biden has a low approval rating, with 28% of voters approving the way he has handled the Israel-Hamas conflict. 71% of voters have disapproved of the way he has handled his conflict. Of note, 81% of voters below the age of 35 have disapproved of the Biden regime’s Israel policy, while 53% of Democrat voters disapprove of the Biden regime’s Israel policy. 

When it comes to the economy, 65% of registered voters described the economy as an extremely important factor behind their vote. The Biden regime has negative approval ratings for the economy (34%) and inflation (29%). 

Overall, the Biden regime is unpopular as it gets on all fronts. Hopefully, Trump’s people capitalize on this and use it to get back in power. From there, let’s hope that Trump learns from his previous administration’s failings and starts to pursue genuine America First policies.

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