CNN Propagandists Attempt to Cancel Tucker Carlson by Claiming He is the ‘New Alex Jones’

Propagandists at CNN are attempting to cancel Fox News host Tucker Carlson by claiming he is the “new Alex Jones.”

With their shutdown campaign against Jones having been effective, the censorship commissars at CNN are attempting to extend that to Carlson because he has rejected popular media-generated narratives on contentious issues like COVID-19 vaccines and Jan. 6 riot in the U.S. Capitol.

“Tucker Carlson is the new Alex Jones – if you watch Tucker Carlson’s program and you watch Alex Jones’ program – they might differ a little bit in antics and the way they deliver their message, but that message to viewers is consistent and it’s pretty identical,” said CNN host Oliver Darcy.

Darcy accuses Carlson of pushing “vaccine conspiracy theories, false flag conspiracy theories, deep state conspiracy theories” on his popular highly-rated titular primetime program.

“Are these two guys in cahoots? Are they friends, do they communicate…are they bros, what do we know about their relationship?” asked the pudgy CNN host Brian Stelter.

Darcy’s propaganda clip meant to compel Orwellian censorship can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on the many attacks by globalist operatives against Carlson, who has up to this point proven to be cancel proof:

Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt is accusing Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s rhetoric of resulting in mass shootings because Carlson is willing to broach the topic of demographic replacement.

Greenblatt made the disgusting comments in a recent op/ed for the Times of Israel in which he lamented about too many people understanding the aims of the multicultural agenda promoted by the ADL and similar interests.

“And, just as the wildfires that have devastated the West Coast in recent years were predicted by decades of scientific data, the mass shootings in Poway, El Paso, and Atlanta came after ADL and others had elevated the indisputable evidence of amplifying intolerance, hatred and extremism,” he wrote. 

“Today, we released our annual Audit of Antisemitic Incidents for the 2020 calendar year, a report we have published for more than four decades. Disturbingly, 2020 joins 2019, 2018, and 2017 as four of the five worst years in the more than 40 years that ADL has been collecting this information,” Greenblatt added, touting his latest fundraising ploy.

This is when Greenblatt, without supplying one shred of evidence, accused Carlson of being the impetus for mass shootings for speaking honestly about demographics and culture. He also blasted social media providers for not inflicting enough Orwellian censorship against patriotic organizations.” 

These desperate CNN attacks are not likely to resonate, considering Jones is considered a folk hero to much of the Right and “Alex Jones was right” has become a popular meme in the age of technocracy.

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