CNN Reporter Continues Peddling Russian Conspiracy Theory, Calls White House ‘Kremlin Annex’

A conspiracy theorist and National Political Reporter at CNN is still peddling the now-debunked RussiaGate hoax, retweeting Wednesday a former Hillary Clinton lackey who referred to the White House as the “Kremlin Annex.”

“Update! We found him. It’s and we are finding a a day and time to have him play outside the Kremlin Annex and make sure the mix is nice and loud so Trump can’t fall asleep like the rest of America,” said a Tweet from Adam Parkhomenko, shared by CNN’s Maeve Reston.

The network peddled wild claims about President Donald J. Trump for more than two years, speculating that the 45th president was an agent of a hostile foreign power, and booked a rotating cast of guests like former CIA Director John Brennan, who baselessly accused Trump of treason.

Now that the conspiracy theory has been busted, the network has been making excuses for its reprehensible behavior, and trying to salvage what little credibility it has left.

During the same period, the network gave now-indicted huckster and former Stormy Daniels attorney Michael Avenatti millions of dollars of free press, all in an attempt to smear the president.

Reston’s fellow tinfoil hat wearing colleague, Brian Stelter, even called Avenatti a strong presidential contender. The shady lawyer is facing wire fraud and extortion charges in two separate cases.

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